Ever wondered if you could leverage your status as a service disabled or veteran owned business (SD/VOB) to win business from Fortune 1000 companies? The answer is YES!

Current opportunity: Vestas American Wind Technology, Inc. is seeking VOBs in New York State in your business category. Sign up for and join DSDC consultant, Paul Mara, for a free, no-obligation webinar to learn more!

Who is DSDC and what do we offer you?

Our firm, Diverse Suppliers Development Corporation (DSDC), is an experiencedand highly reputable consulting firm working with Fortune 1000 companies to help them find and engage Veteran Owned Businesses (VOB) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB) in order to meet their Diverse Supplier Program goals.

Whether you are already a certified* VOB – or weighing the advantages of becoming certified -- DSDC:

  • can introduce you to dozens of legitimate, immediate, and potentially lucrative business opportunities with these Fortune 1000 companies (currently an estimated $80 billion annual market);
  • is a respected, well-connected, and proven expert in helping businesses in the Diverse Supplier Arena;
  • knows the Diverse Supplier arena top-to-bottom, has a proven process, and a long track record of helping VOBs like yours win business

* Certified by the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC)

Current opportunity: Vestas American Wind Technology, Inc. is seeking SD/VOBs suppliers in New York State!

DSDC has been enlisted by Vestas American Wind Technology, Inc. to locate and engage SD/VOBs located in New York State in the categories listed below – including yours – for projects in the coming year. (Vestas is a Madison, NY-based $600 million dollar manufacturer of wind-powered energy systems – and is the US-arm of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, a Denmark-based $11 billion leader in wind technology.)

To learn more about this opportunity, other VOB opportunities, whether you qualify to win business in this arena -- sign up for our free, no-obligation webinar!

More about our consultant and your webinar host, Paul Mara

Paul Mara is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of success at all key levels of the Diverse Suppliers marketplace. In addition to being the lead consultant at DSDC, his roles and credentials in this opportunity-rich and fast-growing arena include:

  • SD/VOB Outreach Consultant for the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) – a non-profit, recognized leader in certifying SD/VOBs for participation in private sector Diverse Supplier Programs. In this role, Paul helps educate the nation’s SD/VOBs on opportunities awaiting them in the Diverse Supplier market; he also acts as an official liaison between the NVBDC and Fortune 1000 companies looking to award approximately $80 billion annually to certified SD/VOBs.
  • Diverse Business Resource Advisor for Advicoach of Minnesota – a leading network of business coaches and consultant, where his primary focus includes preparing SD/VOBs for, and stewarding them through, the NVBDC certification process.

Want to contact Paul directly? Check out his LinkedIn page or email his outreach associate, Mark Hollingshead, to schedule an appointment.

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Product/Service CategoryNAICS Code(s)
1. Janitorial561720
2. Maintenance – HVAC & Plumbing238220
3. Electrical238210
4. Minor Construction236220
5. Weed abatement561730
a. specifically companies that work with controlling overspray near sensitive areas and/or working with product specific requests or limitations
6. Snow removal561730
7. Transportation – heavy haul484220, 562119, 562212
8. Crane lifting services238990
9. High and medium voltage technicians238210
10. Construction teams with wind experience237130
11. Civil contractors
a. build/maintain roads road improvements237310
b. cable burying237130
c. electrical substation construction/maintenance237130
12. Rental equipment532412, 532490
13. MRO - tooling (hand, hydraulic, lifting)423710
14. Safety equipment541690, 423450
15. Consumables 423850
16. Office supply/products423420, 532420